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Brainwrap Comics, Old School

01 February 2004

"Brainwrap" was initially a concept for some mild industrial espionage. The proposal, after I had been misled out of $1300 and my job by the multi-national movie theatre chain I'd been working for, was to tell the story of my legacy via the medium of sequential art, and then fax the result to every theatre in the country.

It didn't quite work out that way, due to my inherent laziness and the prohibitive cost of the final stage of my master plan.

Over the course of a few days at the beginning of 2000, these panels were created. Sloppy and haphazard, yes, the artistic intent was that it should resemble an underground zine, conducive to the subversive manner in which it would ultimately find its target audience.

Well, fuck all that. I never did it.

Now, four years (and yet one more theatre escapade) later, the animosity has all but disappeared. There's still a story to tell, though, and these images depict only a taste of what's to come.

Hang on, kids. The ride's just begun.

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